About Krotchett

KrotchettI’m older and maybe less wise than anticipated, nevertheless, it’s that point in time where I profess my pompous agenda, where I outline my self- absorbed perspective on the world I live in. It’s the two or three hundred words that when compressed, spell-checked and uploaded, represent the shot over the bow at the proverbial enemy within. When looking through the metaphorical telescope at that now damaged yet dangerous target, I spy my own bloodied foot.

Naturally, the point of this exercise is to apprise you, the web connoisseur of fact, fiction and everything in between, of the comings and goings of my minor intellect as it reacts to the daily assaults on its fragile state. Hopefully, this blog will find you entertained with the observational musings from this chairman of the mini-micro mental minority of pompous pomposity.

I understand that occasionally conclusions I draw might be deemed too offensive for some. If I accidentally stumble into what a few readers would consider political or religious discourse, where the opinion is decidedly one of a particularly stinging nature, my only defense will be whatever constitutional amendment that you might think would be appropriate. Knowing in my heart that whether you are far Left or far Right, you’ve probably never actually read any of the constitutional amendments, the constitution itself, or the warranty card from your new Kindle or iPad. In any case,  I promise not to lose too much sleep over it.

So welcome, web person.  After reading any of these postings,  if you find yourself just a little more knowledgeable, just a little more educated, well then I am truly sorry. That simple fact is, I cannot resist. After all, you’re entitled to my opinion.  -Krotchett